First we help you to set the environment to build effective teamwork
Vision and Purpose

We help you to clarify your vision and purpose. Then we make sure that it is communicated effectively throughout the organisation.

That means that everyone in the team is engaged, aligned and working towards the same goal.


We support you to establish the behaviours, attitudes and values that enable a teamwork culture.

That means that you support each other more, work together much more effectively and deliver results beyond your expectations.


Our blueprint focuses on equipping managers throughout the organisation with the skills, tools and strategies to engage with and get the best out of their teams.

That means they also develop as effective leaders of the future.

Team Work

Many factors influence teamwork but in our experience – Vision and Purpose, Culture and Equipped managers are the main determinants.

That is why OUR 7 STEP BLUEPRINT is focused on these to make sure that you build successful, high performing teams.

Our 7 Step Blueprint

Combines the right environment with a clear process for teamwork effectiveness

It's about being Smart and healthy

We help organisations develop smart strategies and healthy teams that are aligned, engaged and motivated to deliver
Start with 4 key Disciplines

Effective teams impact the world and make it a better place. We believe we should waste no time equipping great leaders to inspire their teams and nurture great leaders for tomorrow.

I have spent the last 35 years leading large cross-functional and multi-national teams and I have drawn on this successful experience to develop a blueprint to help my clients achieve effective teamwork and make £millions in the process!

High performing teams make faster and better decisions align around common objectives, tap into the skills and opinions of all, don’t waste time on politics and destructive conflict. They are more more fun to work on and deliver better results quicker.

Building high performance teams is simpler and cheaper than you might think but does require strong leadership, persistence and hard work. Whether you want to sharpen up already well performing teams or transform dysfunctional teams into solid performers, building a culture of effective teamwork will pay massive dividends.

If you are an MD, Ops Director, HR Director or L+D Leader and you are prepared to invest in your teams to deliver better results then we should talk now.

  • 1 Build a Cohesive Team

    When leadership teams are able to trust one another, have constructive conflict, commit to decisions made, hold each other accountable and focus on results then they are cohesive.

  • 2 set a Clear Direction

    This is critical to bring the organisation along with you. We ensure that your purpose (reason to be), values and strategy to compete are clear and agreed..

  • 3 Communicate Effectively

    This is an essential part. When communication is timely, consistent, clear and regular then the organisation begins to understand, believe and get behind it.

  • 4 Walk the Talk

    In order to maintain alignment and commitment to the cause leaders must walk the talk and ensure all processes reflect the clear direction developed by the leadership team.

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